Can Posture Technology Help You Improve Your Health?

Can Posture Technology Help You Improve Your Health?

Can Posture Technology Help You Improve Your Health?

Are you the type of person who is always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve your health? Posture technology could be the next big thing you need to know about.

Technology can do truly incredible things in this day and age, and the positive effects it can have on our lives when used well is staggering. We can use apps to measure all different aspects of our health – but what about our posture?

The Realities of Posture Problems

It is common for people with a strong, straight posture to command respect, but not many people are aware of just how serious poor posture can become.

Posture problems are a leading cause of back, shoulder, and neck pain, and can affect anyone. 80% of adults worldwide have back complaints, and they’re joined by 2 out of every 5 children. So, could posture technology help?

Possible Solutions

To every problem, especially one as wide-reaching as poor posture, we try to look for solutions. Ergonomic furniture of one kind or another has been around for decades, with varying levels of success. There are countless “home remedy” methods to improving posture (but who wants to walk around with books on their head all day?), and possibly the newest solution to gain traction is posture technology.

What is Posture Technology?

Posture technology comes in many forms, but they include clothing-based sensors, mobile apps, virtual posture coaching, and data analysis. Combined, these solutions can make a great way to not only improve your posture habits, but truly understand them as well.

Posture sensors attached to clothing, such as the award-winning designs by Posture360, can connect via Bluetooth to a dedicated app and provide data, information, resources and suggested exercises to the wearer, as well as real-time reminders to maintain good posture any time the device is being worn.

What Else is There To Know?

With smartphone apps now able to help humans with dieting, exercise such as running, swimming, and cycling, workout plans, and other general health and lifestyle changes, it makes sense that our posture can be helped with technology as well.

Connecting to sensors and taking a moment to look at the information they offer is a great way to stay vigilant with your posture and understand what changes you can make to improve your health.

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