How To Improve Working From Home With A Posture Sensor

How To Improve Working From Home With A Posture Sensor

How To Improve Working From Home With A Posture Sensor

Have you taken to working from home the past few months? If you have, and you’ve noticed your posture taking a hit as a result, you’re not alone. Here’s how a posture sensor may be able to help you get back to a healthy position, all from the comfort of home.

How WFH Has Affected Countless People’s Posture

Transitioning to working from home has had huge effects on everyone – some positive, some not so much. While many have found working from home to be more comfortable, the unfortunate reality some are finding is that their home office is not as conducive to maintaining a healthy posture as their traditional working environment.

This has resulted in many people either noticing their poor posture at their desk, or becoming concerned about it worsening. Thankfully, a posture sensor may be the simple solution so many are looking for.

What Can Posture Sensors Do?

Posture sensors are small devices that can either be worn in specially-designed posture wear, or attached to your normal clothing. They offer a gentle reminder throughout the day whenever you begin to slip into poor posture habits, through monitoring your posture and delivering a small vibration to keep you on track.

When working from home, these reminders can be a great way to keep your back straight, especially as fatigue sets in late in the working day.

Your Posture, Connected

On top of this, Posture360’s posture sensor tracking technology connects seamlessly into your phone through our dedicated posture sense app. By linking your posture sensor to your phone through a Bluetooth connection, you unlock a whole new level of data and analytics, to tell you how you’re tracking.

Your virtual posture coach will help you with everything from helping you assess your mood, suggesting exercises for you to try out, to giving you detailed and comprehensive data on your posture, and helping you make sense of it all.

What’s Next?

The only thing left to do is get a posture sensor to help you keep (or get) your working from home posture on track. These can be paired with other methods, such as posture exercises or posture-positive furniture, but are a great way to stay mindful of your posture on their own.

To find out more, and to get yours, visit us here.