What is a Posture Coach?

What is a Posture Coach?

What is a Posture Coach?

Are you someone who responds well to external motivation when trying to achieve a goal? If you are and you’re trying to achieve a healthier posture, a posture coach could be just the thing you need.

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The Problem With Motivation

Motivation is a pretty incredible thing. Sustained motivation channelled into the right thing can change our lives. However, motivation is often fleeting, and different types resonate with different people.

Countless people respond best to external motivation (think having a personal trainer encouraging you at the gym, as opposed to hoping for motivation to come to you itself) – for anyone in this category, a posture coach is a great way to stay on track when you’re struggling to find the motivation yourself.

So, What is a Posture Coach?

A posture coach is exactly what it sounds like – someone, or something that coaches you on your posture. Dedicated posture coaches are something of a rarity in the real world, they will often come in the guise of an expert in a range of things, such as a general practitioner or a chiropractor.

With advancements in technology, virtual posture coaches have started to become more available, such as in Posture360’s dedicated app. These virtual “coaches” come in the form of easy-to-comprehend data on your unique positioning, as well as suggested exercises and techniques to try.

Could a Posture Coach Help Me?

A posture coach is a great option for anyone looking for some extra support as they try to correct their posture and improve their health. As with picking up any new habit or skill, the more resources you have available to help you, the better.

Posture360’s sensor clothing technology is a great way to help you stay mindful of your position throughout the day, and when coupled with posture coaching through personalised data and tailored recommendations, anyone can benefit.

Posture coaching and sensor technology can make a world of difference, and may just be the extra motivation you need to really kick your goals.

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