Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when wearing my PostureWear?
PostureWear should fit closely but comfortably. The shirt is designed to be form fitting and make you feel snug, secure, and upright. You will experience a gentle pull on your shoulders, pain relief and correction of body alignment.

How long should I wear my PostureSense device for? 
Users can follow the good posture goals outlined in the PostureSense App.

 How do I set up my PostureSense device?
Download the iOS & Android PostureSense mobile app here and follow the instructions to connect your PostureSense sensor.

How do I care for my PostureWear?
Please refer to the care instructions located on your PostureWear Shirt label.
• Gentle machine wash at 30 degrees
• Do not bleach
• Do not tumble dry
• Do not iron
• Do not dry clean

How do I charge my PostureSense device?
The PostureSense battery life is 72 hours.
1. Take the Sensor out of the band and connect a USB-C cable to the charging port (USB-C not included)
2. While charging the LED light will blink.
3. Once charging is complete, the LED light will stay on.
* Fully charge battery before using the PostureSense for the first time.

 Do I require a Smartphone to connect my PostureSense device?
Yes, the PostureSense app is only available on iOS. You can find the PostureSense mobile app here.

Does the PostureSense device work while standing?
Currently the PostureSense device is optimized to work for sitting posture only. We’re busy working away on being able to support standing and dynamic posture such as walking.

Does the PostureSense device work when I move to a different seat?
If you’ve calibrated the PostureSense device on, let’s say, your office chair and would like to use it in the train or in a car, you would have to recalibrate the device.

Will the PostureSense device still work if it is not connected to the app?
Yes. The PostureSense device is able to hold up to a weeks worth of data. Once you reconnect to the app you’ll be able to see your usage.