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A Completely Vertically Integrated Technology Solution. Your data is your power. Let our platform be your guide.

Every Person On This Planet

Does The Same Thing

We wake, we eat, sit, stand, move and sleep.The cycle repeats the next day.


One part of our body that is vital to our balance is our spine. It’s the center of our body, from which everything revolves and connects us to our lives, happiness, and relationships. 


It’s time that we listen to our spine and pay attention to our posture. Bad posture keeps us from being active, and living our lives to the fullest. 


Together with our team of iconic and world class team of Designers, Doctors, Biomechanics, Physical therapists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Hospitals, and Chiropractors, Posture AI products are designed to support your daily life as you sleep, sit, stand or stride. With Posture AI, life goes full circle!


Love Balance. Love Life.

Active Posture Technology

Aligning your body for Optimal posture with every move you make.

Posture AI

Love Balance.

Love Life.

24 Hour Posture Protection

Products & Programs to ensure around the clock postural integrity.

What We Do

Posture AI helps people love balance and love life by delivering innovative product experiences to align the body for optimal posture morning, day, and night.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way the world sits, sleeps, and moves – one posture at a time.

Join Us

As backpain is the #1 cause of disability worldwide, help us change the world and fight the battle to relieve the world of pain!  

We are not perfect, and are always learning. We at Posture AI suffer from backpain too. 

So journey with us and let’s deliver practical lifestyle solutions that will help us all get on with living life to our fullest, rather than spending the little precious time we have, managing or stressing about pain!

1% for good

Posture Al was born from our Founders suffering from physical pain yet could not find a practical solution integrated into daily lives.

As everyone deserves access to affordable and effective solutions regardless of socioeconomic status, we're committed to allocate 1% of our proceeds to solve the backpain problem for those in need.

We believe investing in the health of our communities is essential for building a more sustainable and equitable world.

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