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Women's Posture AI Smart Shirt

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Product Details

  • A functional shirt with an ergonomic design
         that encourages good posture.
  • Sensors that help you get back to good posture
         with real-time reminders and immediate feedback.
  • Apps that collect and analyze posture data in real time
         to provide personalized feedback.


Beta version
  • Posture Ergonomic Shirt
  • PostureSense Sensor
  • Posture AI Mobile App Included
         *Compatible with iOS & Android

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Ergonomic design

Ergonomically patterned to take into account the movement of your upper body muscles, the dual-power mesh lines support your muscles, keeping them under tension and encouraging them to return to proper posture. 

  • Trapezius muscle

  • Deltoid muscle

  • Levator scapula

  • Rhomboid muscle

  • Infraspinatus muscle

  • Trapezius muscle

  • Deltoid muscle

  • Levator scapula

  • Rhomboid muscle

  • Infraspinatus muscle

The pattern design takes into account all the muscles that make up the upper body, from the shoulders to the pelvis, to support the muscles that affect posture.

  • L. Upper Pattern to Support Upper Body Muscles

  • R. Lower pattern to support spinal erectors

100% Fairtrade Cocoa

Calibrated posture control

gently pulls shoulders back

Natural Ingredients

Proper tension on each muscle 

to create functional pulls.  

100% Palm Oil Free

Thermo regulating and


Closed Process

Comfortable flatlock seams

Real-time posture detection

An AI-powered posture measurement sensor inserted into a dedicated sensor pocket in the performance shirt detects 360-degree spinal tilt in real-time, helping users get back into good posture with instant vibration alerts when they're in a bad position. It also collects posture data and sends it to the app for personalised feedback.

100% Fairtrade Cocoa

360˚ Posture Tracking

Real-time measurement

Natural Ingredients


Set customised posture angles

100% Palm Oil Free

Posture reminders

Therapeutic vibration

Closed Process


iOS and Android

It is possible to set the posture angle in 2 modes: basic setting type & custom setting type.

  • The default settings are 20˚ front, 15˚ back, and 10˚ left and right.

  • The personal setting can be set between 0˚ ~ 90˚, depending on your personal preference.

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

What is the Posture Shirt and Sensor?

The Posture Shirt and Sensor is a posture correcting shirt and sensor that monitors, alerts, and analyzes good and bad posture throughout the day providing gentle vibration and alert function to remind the user to sit up straight.

Is the Posture Sensor waterproof?

The Posture Sensor is not waterproof, avoid contact with moisture and be careful not to let water in.

What is the Posture Sensor battery life?

The posture sensor battery life is 72 hours.


1. Take the Sensor out of the band and connect a USB-C cable to the charging port      

   (USB-C not included)

2. While charging the LED light will blink.

3. Once charging is complete, the LED light will stay on.

* Fully charge battery before using the sensor for the first time.

How do I connect Posture Sensor to my smartphone?

Installing Posture AI App

1. Search for and download Posture AI from the [App Store] or [Google Play Store].

2. Install, launch the app and sign up.

3. After registration is complete, follow the instructions in the app to link your Sensor.

If you're having trouble connecting or sometimes can't connect

Our product is not meant to be connected all the time.

(Device stores all data anyway. those will be transferred to the app when synced.)

Bluetooth connection problem could be solved by :

1. Deleting and reinstalling the mobile app

2. Turning BT feature off then turn it back on

3. Turn mobile device off then turn it back on

What is the return & warranty policy?

You can find our return & warranty policy here.